Saturday, January 29, 2011

Last day with lab mate

Bismillah hirrahmanirrahin... Thanks to Allah...

Thank you Master of Ceremony. Perhaps we can begin my presentation? A very good morning and a good day I wish to all gentlemen here.  ...>> introduction sentence import from Madam Nor... Tottemo arigatougozaimas Nor..

Yesterday was my last day in Faculty of Engineering, Mie University.

Blue skies, bright sunshine but cold >>> Although Japan is very cold in winter, but I'm very happy to be here. An expensive experience for me. All member treat me nicely.....everyone was very good to me. I appreciate your hospitality. Sad to leave everyone here and I pray to God, hope I have change to see you all again.

After the examination, we have lunch together at Pure-Na


Domo arigatou gozaimas...



nursakinah said...

herm~!nampak sedap.oshii.bile miss nak balik???

Marsita said...

sedap sedap... sy dah sampai kampung dah ni... hehehe